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"Season of the Witch" by Natasha Mostert

I've been reading "Season of the Witch", this great new novel by Natasha Mostert and would like to recommend it to other people here. It's a dark romantic tragedy novel - a private investigator and computer hacker investigating the death of his friends stepson, is drawn into the mysterious world of two witches, who are sisters. It starts out like a normal thriller but gradually becomes darker and more spiritual as it is revealed he has a special gift, and he falls in love with one of the sisters via her diary. The ending is ultimately tragic but with hope in the epilogue. The main characters are all very strong and complex, and it is very well researched and structured, introducing themes of psychic powers and memory palaces very skilfully, so much so you don't realise the transformation from ordinary thriller into dark mystery until after you've finished the book. Very much recommended.

Submitted by karlito, posted on Wednesday May 16, @03:54AM

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