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Fascist Italy: A Concise Historical Narrative

Dear All,

My name is Cristogianni Borsella. I am a 28 year old author from Bronx, New York. I am writing to inform you that my second book has now been published, and I would like the library to acquire a copy. The book is titled: Fascist Italy: A Concise Historical Narrative. My book was published by Branden Books (Boston) in May 2007. (ISBN: 0828321558.) You can find it by simply going to, and typing my name into the search engine: CRISTOGIANNI

Fascist Italy: A Concise Historical Narrative is an informative work which analyzes and brings together the two fundamental aspects of the Fascist Italian experience: its history and its ideology. I, the author, have diligently explained the background of the Fascist movement and its corresponding political nature. This, of course, would have not been possible if Benito Mussolini, the man and the political figure, were left out of the narrative. As the reader progresses through the book, it becomes quite apparent that Italian Fascism is the sometimes logical, yet all too often chaotic brainchild of Mussolini himself. I have also compared and contrasted contemporary American society with 1930s Italy. I believe my work is very relevant for American readers interested in both current world events and historical analysis.

As for myself, I possess a Bachelorís Degree in Historical Studies from SUNY Empire State College, and I am employed by the United Nations Procurement Service in New York. In addition to writing historical non-fiction, I enjoy writing poetry, short stories and other works of fiction. I am involved in many multicultural organizations and I am committed to combating stereotyping and racism of all kinds.

I thank you very much for your time.

My first book:

Cristogianni Borsella

Submitted by Cristogianni Borsella, posted on Monday June 18, @08:35PM

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