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Memoir Follows Author’s Exploration of Primal Human Spirituality
Engaging, Intimate Portrait of a Man’s Search for Truth in the Jungles of Peru

CARLSBAD, Calif. – A renowned storyteller shares his sometimes mystic, always adventuresome journey to awareness in the new memoir Spirit Matters (published by Mystic Ink Publishing). Author Matthew J. Pallamary’s spiritually important message will stir the minds, bodies and souls of readers as they follow him from an Irish Catholic ghetto in Boston to the Amazonian jungles of Peru.
While in the jungle, Pallamary reaches a point where the line between waking and dreaming blurs. His lucid dreaming heightens his awareness and understanding, connecting his personal experiences with his spiritual journey, and tightens his once loose grasp on God, the universe, even his family. Readers will be inspired how Pallamary’s travels – both physical and metaphysical – forever change his sense of reality.
“Spirit touches us in every moment of our existence; only most of us are caught up in the dramas that we have created in our lives, blinding us to a reality far greater than anything we can imagine with our rational minds,” says Pallamary. “It is simply a matter of awareness.”
Pallamary’s other books include The Small Dark Room Of The Soul, A Short Walk To The Other Side, and Land Without Evil.
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