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Pickity Witch - The Chosen One

I have recently found this site through the Google search facility and I am eager to get into the mix. As a writer I am also an avid reader, I do not think you can be a writer unless you read constantly.

My first novel is part of a series of six books in the fantasy fiction genre. Book 1 is entitled 'Pickity Witch - The Chosen One', and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Fishpond Australia, WH Smith in the UK and my publisher YouWriteOn/Legend Press in London, (although they all have the spelling in the catalogue wrong as they have put PICKITITY instead of PICKITY), still, I suppose it amuses some.

For anyone who wants to get a hold of it for a read and has a problem finding the book in the catalogues, please do an advanced search under Author, James Nailen-Smith.

I look forward to reading and discussing many books with everyone over the coming months and welcome any comments from anyone who reads Pickity. I am very willing to answer any questions about the book or conduct telephone interviews if required.

Kind regards


Submitted by James Nailen-Smith, posted on Friday January 02, @12:36AM

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