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Need an Experienced & Affordable Copy Editor?

If you are an independent author, a business, or a publishing company looking for an affordable and very experienced professional independent copy editor or proofreader, I might be able to help! As a published writer myself, I know the difficulty of getting your manuscript past the initial slush-pile and "File 13" and into the hands of an interested editor or publisher, and I also know that a more polished, error-free manuscript has a better chance of surviving the initial cuts. I have worked for authors from all over the U.S. and abroad, as well as for publishing companies, students, and businesses to help them clean up errors in their work and rewrite passages that need help. My rates are ALWAYS $1 per manuscript page, and I ALWAYS offer flexible payment plans. Contact me today at for a work history and list of references. I would love to see what you've written and give you an up-front quote for copy editing! Let's work together to make your words shine!

Submitted by autumnconley, posted on Tuesday March 31, @08:58AM

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