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Live Forever - A Vampire Story

Live Forever is the title of a new ebook that is currently available on The author, Jacob M. Drake, is a relatively new author, yet he seems to be quite effective in getting his story across in an easy-to-read style that does not get bogged down with too much in the way of description the way many authors do.
In this book, Live Forever, Jacob M. Drake utilizes much of the accepted mythology concerning vampires, but also includes some of his own ideas, which made my nerves tingle and my breath catch as I read certain sections of this book.
Live Forever can be located on most e-reading devices (or will be available soon), but can be found now at:
It's an extremely cheap price for a book of this size and content. I heartily recommend Live Forever for all those who enjoy vampire novels or who simply look for an interesting and intriguing book for their next read.

Submitted by Griff McWyvern, posted on Monday March 22, @01:28PM

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