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Reunion with a biological mother

Writing, for me, started as almost a kind of "heavenly" command. After a year-long period of severe illness that almost caused my death, a channeler revealed some shocking details about my biological mother's past and her reasons for relinquishing me. The woman demanded that I should start taking care of my condition by contacting my biological mother. It gave me strength to approach the Department of Children's Services and start the acquaintance process. My daring to look into the eyes of the woman who brought me into this world, but didn't want me, started a process that overarched over years and continents. For the mother who started a new life, each unfolding of her past threatened to abolish her worlds of repression. I invite the members of this community to read more about the events that led to the renewal of our relationship.

With love

Smadar Rashel

If you want to read more please visit my page at

Submitted by Miron, posted on Sunday September 18, @06:11PM

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