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The Great Gatsby

This classic novel set in the 1920's tells of Jay Gatsby and his hopes and dreams of reuniting with the woman he loves. This tale of rich society, morals (or lack of), hope and undying love is said to represent the American Dream as written by twenty year old F. Scott Fitzgerald.

For Discussion: Fitzgerald used the imagery of colors to represent certain ideas. Can you describe an instance of this imagery and what it represents? Can you find instances of imagery besides those of colors? What do you think the "moral of the story" is? (there are certainly NUMEROUS answers to this one!)

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Submitted by Sharon, posted on Wednesday February 28, @02:55PM

Re: Feature: The Great Gatsby

Re: The Great Gatsby Discussion Tuesday, 05-Sep-00 20:27:08

The best novel I've ever read. Fantastic characterisation, and brillaint visual imagery. Both would suit a film adaptation, yet for some reason they've never been particularly good!

by JM on Wednesday February 28, @03:00PM

Re: Feature: The Great Gatsby

Is there a movie(s) made of The Great Gatsby? I would be interested in seeing it if there is. The characters and visual imagery I can see adapting well to film, but how to compensate for the loss of the great language used in the novel? The writing style is one of the things I enjoyed tremendously while reading the book. Maybe this is what the film adaptations lack? Or were they just not well done films?

by Sharon on Wednesday February 28, @04:28PM

Re: Feature: The Great Gatsby

there was a film made probably in the eighties with robert redford and mia farrow. i dont know how close to the novel it is as i saw it before i read it.

by maisie on Saturday September 07, @02:00AM

Re: Feature: The Great Gatsby

Yesm, there's a movie.
And it's very close to the book. Actually, it uses the book as a script. I think it was a little too close because although it was interesting to see a movie true to the book, one gets a better feeling from reading it.

by anon on Wednesday October 16, @02:24AM

Re: The Great Gatsby

certainly the green light at the end of daisy's dock represents gatsby's ambitions and his futile attempt to restore the life lived with daisy in the past. the valley of ashes, being the grey wasteland that it is, represents the social and moral decay the east embraced.

by andrew on Saturday January 04, @09:07PM

Re: The Great Gatsby

i need a topic for a research paper on the great gatsby i want to write about daisy but i need a topic 1st please help me is due in 3 weeksssss

by mary on Tuesday May 04, @05:23PM

Re: The Great Gatsby

How about Daisy as a symbol of the Jazz Age?
Or what about Fitzgerald's famous comment to Hemingway:"the rich are different from us";why is this important in Gatsby's relationship with Daisy and her circle?
Good luck!

by Lin on Friday May 07, @09:19AM

Re: The Great Gatsby

what are 10 significant moments in the great gatsby, ranking from 10 to 1?

by eric on Tuesday August 09, @11:46AM

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