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Tara Road

Tara Road by Maeve Binchy

Discussion starters:

What role does the house on Tara Road play in the story? Can you parallel the restoration of the house to Ria and Danny's relationship?

Does Binchy portray the characters in this story sympathetically? Even Danny?

Do you think Ria is a loyal friend? What do you think you would have done differently or the same if you were in Ria's postition?

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Submitted by Sharon, posted on Saturday March 03, @11:15AM

Re: Feature: Tara Road

Tuesday, 02-Jan-01 21:50:14

The role that the house on Tara Road plays is that it is the focal point of the story.

The restoration of the house reflects the way Ria and Danny's relationship seemed to some people who thought they had the perfect marriage. Instead of being honest and straightforward, Danny gave Ria the impression that he was satisfied in their relationship. At the same time, however, he was remodeling their home so that he could sell the house and leave Ria in order to be with Bernadette. When Danny announced to Ria that he was leaving her for another woman, Ria was astounded because in her mind the marriage was fine. In reality, their relationship was in bad shape from the very beginning just as the house was in bad condition when they met.

by Sherry on Saturday March 03, @11:17AM

Re: Feature: Tara Road

I think I would have reacted a little differently than Ria... it's hard to say, but I was surprised that she was so eager to take Danny back after she found out what he had done. Would you really want him back? She was awfully forgiving of him.

by Tulip on Saturday March 03, @11:18AM

Re: Feature: Tara Road

I think she was a loyal friend. Although you have to wonder the way she really liked the wife of the boss and felt that she should tell her about his affair, yet she didn't. But I think it ties into the same reason why she was so quick to take Danny back, a denial of some sort. I think she just wanted things to be the way they were (or wanted them to be).

But I had the feeling that by the end of the book, she had changed in a way that if Danny had wanted to come back, maybe she wouldn't have been as quick to welcome him.

by Sharon on Saturday March 03, @11:19AM

Re: Feature: Tara Road

I liked the book but it is no fairy tale. Two things.....we become a lot like our friends so we need to have friends whose morals we admire (and so do our husbands and our children!) and as wifes, we need interests of our own and at the same time spending time *knowing* our man. A good marriage doesn't just happen, it takes work!

(01-Dec-00 18:55:39)

by Leslie on Saturday March 03, @11:20AM

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