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The Reader

OOOO...I just finished The Reader!!!!!! Im stunned......its a tale full of impact and pathos and just plain good! Im Jewish,so I really was nervous about getting too involved.......but its a great story that anyone who has ever lsot anything precious will enjoy. I got The Reader on tape from the library...listening to the words was most enthralling.

***Book Venue note added: Check out the feature page for The Reader for a synopsis, ratings, reviews and links!

Submitted by Robbie, posted on Saturday March 03, @05:00PM

Re: Feature: The Reader

Friday, 09-Feb-01 20:56:43

I really enjoyed chatting about The Reader in the chatroom. For those who did not attend, here are some of the topics that came up:

What was the nature of Michael's bond with Hanna? Why do you think he felt so strongly for her? And Hanna for Michael?

What did you think of Hanna? Do you think she was cold and brutal, or did you see her as a somewhat compassionate person? Why do you think she did what she did in the end?

According to the Oprah show, they had the highest percentage of male readers for this book. Any thoughts on why this would be?

Post your thoughts here...

by Sharon on Saturday March 03, @05:04PM

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