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"The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

Let me begin by stating I have read E. Nesbit's "The Phoenix and the Carpet" approximately 43 times (more than any other book). My mom reads it approximately once a week. It's all I can do to pry it out of her fingers long enough to repair it to keep it from falling apart.

Years ago I was aware that there was a film made, from having seen a picture from it on a paperback book cover. That's all I knew--that there was a film--I was unable to find out any further details.

Now that I'm online I decided to do a search and was ASTOUNDED to find there were THREE films. "The Phoenix and the Carpet" (1976, British, TV), the one I knew about. "The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet," (1994 or 1995, theatrical, made in England but not necessarily British). "The Phoenix and the Carpet" (1997, British, TV.) Of the three, the theatrical film seems to be the only one with "name" stars (Peter Ustinov and Dee Wallace Stone--no one else in any of the others who I'd heard of), and the only one I can find in American video format, but it also seems to be the biggest travesty of Nesbit's work. (Travesty is the word my mom uses just before sacrilege--which is reserved for the Disney versions of Kipling's "Jungle Book" and certain films of "Heidi.") "The Jungle Book" came out in 1969 and my mom eventually saw it--four or five years ago! Do we want to subject ourselves to "The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet"--ever? In this film, the story is modernized (the kids are bored with no TV--obviously after A. D. 1905!). Cyril's name is changed to Chris, and poor Jane is dropped entirely--guess four kids, let alone five, were considered too many for modern times. It gets worse. It seems the three kids and their mother are American and are visiting their grandfather's place in England (father was British and inherited his late dad's place). Does anyone here care to offer further rantings and ravings--er, info--on any of these three films? Is "sucks" an acceptable term for this board, because I assume that's what these movies do? I have the sinking feeling if they'd been any good they'd have aired on U. S. TV--I've seen and enjoyed both versions of "The Railway Children." I respect your input, thanks.

Submitted by Cori, posted on Saturday March 03, @05:09PM

Disney Sacrilege

Monday, 05-Feb-01 20:02:53

Can't help with Phoenix and the carpet, but I agree with your mother, Disney does take liberties with many of the classics! Take the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" for example. And they more than embelish the "true" ones, like Pocahontas! (Pocahontas was supposed to be about 12 when she allegedly threw herself over John Smith to save his life)

by Tulip on Saturday March 03, @05:10PM

Re: Disney Sacrilege

Monday, 05-Feb-01 23:03:36

And Bambi and Peter Pan.....not bad movies but when you read the books, oh my, they are just excellent! After reading Peter Pan to my children I spoke differently for at least a month! I felt so smart! LOL!

I have heard that 101 Dalmations is an excellent book too, but have not gotten around to reading it yet.

by Leslie on Saturday March 03, @05:11PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I'd love to see "The Railway Children", one of my childhood favorites, didn't know there were movies made of it.

Tuesday, 06-Feb-01 12:09:49

by Sharon on Saturday March 03, @05:12PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I whole heartedly agree about just how fantastic The Phoenix and the Carpet is. As for the films/TV series until today I only thought that there was the 1977 BBC adaptation which was shown in 6x28mins slots on BBC1 (I dread to think how bad the more recent adaptations are although Cori seems to confirm my worst suspicions). It was my favourite as a child and would love to be able to get hold of it again (I have spent many hours online trying) - any help with this would be much appreciated

by Adrian on Wednesday October 29, @06:20AM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I saw the 1970s British TV version. I think I was 4 the first time. They aired it repeatedly on TVO, up here in Ont. Can. I only discovered it was based upon a book, about 10 years ago.

For a cheap, kid's show in the 70's. It was pretty good. I saw the series in the library a week ago. Brought it home, watched it... Sure, it is from an adult perspective now, the graphics are not as believeable, but it is still just as good as it was then.

I never knew about the rest. I don't think I care to see them either, but if you can, check out the first BBC version.

by Laura on Tuesday January 06, @09:40AM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I saw the BBC series when I was 10 and I really liked it. It was actually my "just thinking" about that made me do a search for more information on it - then I found this post

by Joel on Tuesday July 27, @11:02AM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

hi there cori, i read your e-mail. I was Jane in the 1997 BBC Film of the phoenix and the carpet, and amazed to hear what you said about jane being dropped from the usa version, thats just silly, I agree! It hasnt come out on DVD version yet, I hope it willl as my tape of the tv is fading. Nice to know people still read such a magical story! May it live forever like the phoneix.

by CHARLOTTE on Tuesday September 28, @07:42AM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I remember the 1976 BBC version, wonderful stuff.

by K on Monday April 30, @05:21PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I have never read the book, but as a kid in 77 I was mesmorised by the image of the Phoenix coming out of the flames and have always remembered it. Now in 2008 I find myself using the same tv image to help me cope with changes in my life.

by lee on Monday October 13, @10:13AM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

I was just looking to see if there was any sign of a dvd release of the 1976 series...but no..was hoping therre may be pirate version out there!Am 37 would of been 4 at the time, and it still sticks in my mind what a great series it was...i did not know it had been remade..but i want bother with them..just want to c the 77 version again..all these years later.
I also loverr the red hand gang!!..remember that..pretty short lived but is a cult series in uk..and that can be got on dvd!!
When i was abit older..i found the box of delights pretty good..anybody enjoy that?

by stephen legate on Thursday July 30, @02:28PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

The BBC version is so true to the book that the dialogue is nearly word for word. Only minimal changes in plot occur, for time restraint reasons.
It is the only Nesbit adaptation worth watching, besides The Railway Children, which is also pretty cool.

by H on Tuesday September 22, @07:23PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

Heres a full length review.

by H on Tuesday September 22, @07:27PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

Oh, P.S. This movie is available for rent through the blockbuster version of netflix.

by H on Tuesday September 22, @07:28PM

Re: "The Phoenix and the Carpet" films

The 1976 tv series is currently available on Youtube in case you haven't found it already.
My 10 year old son is thoroughly enjoying it.
(Me too, again)

by Yestertelly on Friday June 17, @04:48PM

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