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Shopgirl by Steve Martin

I'm not sure why, but I had mistakenly gotten the impression that this book was humorous (I probably made the assumption because it was written by Steve Martin, but I thought I had read it somewhere). It is actually a very serious story, not much of a plot, but rather an "anatomy of a relationship" told in a kind of endearing, philosophical way.

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My biggest problem with this book is that I never really felt that I got to "know" the characters. Despite all of the entertaining insights into what each of the characters is thinking and feeling as well as Martin's interjections about what is really going on, I just did not bond with the story very much.

For discussion: To me, this book seems to say that people are not really in touch with their relationships... Martin often points out how things are perceived by a character and then what their real motivation and/or feeling is. Granted that relationships are very complicated things, but does anyone here think that most people are that out of touch with themselves?

Submitted by Sharon, posted on Thursday March 08, @11:40AM

Did any one else like this book?

I read Shopgirl, and i thought it was pretty good! Not really a love story, but it was touching and realistic.

by Tulip on Tuesday March 20, @07:39PM

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