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Daughter of Fortune

I just finished Daughter of Fortune and it is not a book which based on the cover or the description I would have picked up but since it was being read here and by my other book club I had to give it a try. The first section of the book I did not really enjoy..I found the description of her life somewhat boring and I did not really connect to her character. The love story and subsequent clandesitine meetings seemed unbelievable. I got hooked on the book following the introduction of Tao Chi'en, I found his story fascinating even the description of his family and being the fourth son. The journey was interesting and the historical validity of the new world was interesting, especially the early existence of racism and the dividing of the new towns into "specific areas". I loved the desciptions of Tao as a medicine man and his collaboration with the English doctor. Eliza's unfaltering love and constant journeys again became somewhat tedious and unbelievable but I relished the end when they got back together again. The book left you wondering if Miss Rose would find her and if so how the meeting would be. Overall the descriptions were very good, although parts were tedious.

I have read a number of books which are of this kind, "magical realism". I don't really enjoy this kind of book but can see the merit. Other books of this nature I have read are Salman Rushdie, Midnights Children and Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith by Gina Nahai. Certainly a different kind of book where you have to suspend your traditional beliefs! Lesley

Submitted by Lesley, posted on Sunday April 01, @01:53PM

Re: Daughter of Fortune

I enjoyed the historical aspects of this book the most, and I agree that the book really picked up after Eliza met Tao and journeyed to America. However I did not find the beginning of the book to be tedious or boring.

The love affair did not seem so unbelievable to me, if one keeps in mind the raging hormones of teenage love! I think Eliza did seem to cling to the idea of her love a little too long... and I was not very happy with the end of the book.

I thought the whole "outlaw turned legend" and the travelling head was a bit silly. I would have hoped that Eliza and Tao would have been able to get together without Eliza feeling the need to validate her loss of feelings for her first love.

I also found myself wondering about Miss Rose finding Eliza, I wish that the author would have chosen to let us know how that part turned out!

by Sharon on Monday April 02, @02:55PM

Re: Daughter of Fortune

In regard to the comment about the traveling head being silly, the author based that on real California legend, which I find fascinating.

by Laura on Friday January 23, @10:53AM

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