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Where can I download or get the msdosfs command
Hardware Posted by Maria on Wednesday October 01, @04:50PM
from the dept.
I need to mount an USB storage on FreeBSD 4.11 release. I had read some topics about it and they mention the command msdosfs. But I don't have this command in my FreeBSD, so, where can I download it? and then, what I have to do to install it? I don't know very well this operating system. Thanks a lot Maria Beatriz
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i need help making a bootable disk
HELP WITH DEAD OS Posted by tomm on Wednesday May 28, @11:04AM
from the dept.
i need help making a bootable cd, i have downloaded "image burn" and have not yet used it, im waiting for a new .iso download that seems to be a better file "and because my puters screwed and i cant get the files i down loaded before"
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Posted by livdolu on Sunday April 06, @05:58PM
from the dept.

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Reformat a USB, FAT32 harddrive to UFS?
Hardware Posted by Dave Abouav on Saturday July 07, @09:33AM
from the help-me dept dept.

In short, I'd like to take a store-bought USB harddrive (FAT32 by default) and make it a UFS drive. What are the steps I need to take to do this?

COOL: FreeBSD for the masses!
Installing FreeBSD Posted by Jason on Saturday June 30, @11:25AM
from the dept.
I guess I may be behind the curve on this one because it went unnoticed on my BSD radar. I'm talking about PC-BSD!
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syslog not logging local
Miscellaneous Posted by Vera on Monday May 21, @03:37PM
from the dept.

I'm having some trouble with my FBSD-6.2 syslog daemon- syslogd is doesn't seem to want to log anything uing local, as in local3.
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HOWTO: Create RAID1 on FreeBSD with gmirror
Hardware Posted by Jason on Monday April 02, @03:21PM
from the The Dept of redundancy dept... dept.
With the low cost of hard drives these days, and easy to use programs like gmirror, there's no reason not to protect the data on you're FreeBSD system with RAID. In this post I explain how to setup a simple, software based, RAID1 fault tolerant system with FreeBSD-6.2 and the gmirror utility. It's dead simple by the way.

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FreeNAS is a cool FreebSD based NAS solution!
Announcements Posted by Jason on Friday March 30, @12:22PM
from the dept.
Here's an opensource Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution that is built on FreeBSD. It's feature rich and works well in its 0.68 state so I fully expect it to get a whole lot better as it approches a 1.0 release!

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panic ffs_valloc then reboots. can only run in single user
HELP WITH DEAD OS Posted by Jeff Chen on Friday March 30, @11:52AM
from the dept.
mode=0100644 inum=1036294, fs = /export/fserve panic: ffs_valloc: dup alloc
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Miscellaneous Posted by Jason on Friday March 30, @11:46AM
from the What's-What dept.
The FAQ is a quick and dirty guide to using Chucktips - Newbie Friendly. I will add to it as questions and issues present themselves.
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NFS server & client in FreeBSD
Networking and Connectivity Posted by Eliena Andrews on Wednesday March 14, @01:25AM
from the dept.
NFS refers to Network File System and as the name suggests allows any system to share a filesystem over the network.

NFS server configuration

NFS server is the system that allows other systems to mount it's filesystem as their own. The main daemons that need to be running are nfsd, mountd and rpcbind. Nfsd daemon services request from the clients and passes the requests to the mountd daemon. Mountd carries out the requests from nfsd. Rpcbind allows nfs clients to identify the ports that any RPC based service is running
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TIP:fsck -y remotely
Miscellaneous Posted by Understudy on Monday December 18, @07:39PM
from the salvage block dept.
When dealing with a remote server that has gone through a hard shutdown and bgfsck isn't going to be able to deal with all the issues. You can setup fsck on bootup. Grab your editor and let's go.
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