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TIP:fsck -y remotely
Miscellaneous Posted by Understudy on Monday December 18, @07:39PM
from the salvage block dept.
When dealing with a remote server that has gone through a hard shutdown and bgfsck isn't going to be able to deal with all the issues. You can setup fsck on bootup. Grab your editor and let's go.
Okay let's edit As root:

# ee /etc/rc.conf Add these lines. # force fsck -y at boot fsck_flags=-y

This will force a fsck -y at boot before the slices are mounted.

Pay careful attention if your system is really screwed up you can lock yourself out of this. Also it will do this at every boot. This may not be desirable if you have a large amount of disk space.

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    Re: TIP:fsck -y remotely
    by Understudy on Thursday December 21, @09:39PM
    I screwed up my html.
    Add these lines to /etc/rc.conf:
    # force fsck -y at boot
    Hope that clears it up.
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