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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Miscellaneous Posted by Jason on Friday March 30, @11:46AM
from the What's-What dept.
The FAQ is a quick and dirty guide to using Chucktips - Newbie Friendly. I will add to it as questions and issues present themselves.

What's this site all about?
Spotlight - SoapBox - Ready - Steady - Go!
In 1990 I created Chucktips as a way of giving back to the FreeBSD community. FreeBSD/Open Source has been very good to me, and I feel strongly that open source (in general) only works as long as we all contribute and promote it. Yes, the old adage is true- everything comes at a price.

How can you contribute?
two search methods, simple and full. A simple search can be done using the search box in the Welcome window on the right. Use it to perfrom a keyword search (ppp, ports, kernel, etc).

If you cannot find what you're looking for there, try a full search. Click on search on the left side menu and follow the instructions. You can search by subject title or author.

How do I post a question?
Click post article on the left side menu and follow the instructions. You should always try to post to the correct topic category. This will help others when they do a search by topic.

What information should I include in a question?
You should try to include some basic hardware and software information along with your question.

  FreeBSD version
  Application version
  Processor Type and Speed
  How much RAM is in the system
  The exact error message output
  A copy of your dmesg output

What if nobody replies to my post?
Be patient. Most likely no one who's been cruising the site knows the answer to your question. Try to remember that no one's getting paid here, we all need to contribute what we can, when we can.

Can I include a file in my post?
Yes. Use the optional file attachment option when posting to incude a file. You can include .tar .txt. gif and .jpg files.

I have a Tip/HowTo. Can I add it to the site?
Yes, when you post to the site start your Subject with either TIP: or HOWTO: and it will show up in the TIP or HOWTO list.
(note: I may modify these posts if they don't seem clear).

A quick note about SPAM posting.
Due to the large number of SPAM messages posted to our site (hundreds a day) we've converted Chucktips to a moderated site. What this means is that every message is reviewed before it hits the site- usually within 24 hours.

If you're posting an article and receive a notice that your post is being denied due to SPAM content then try rephrasing what you've written. There's a good chance that a key word has triggered the alert.

Sorry for the inconvenience but in this spam-eat-spam world folks like us have to do everything we can to stop this nonsense. Sad. Sad. Sad.

panic ffs_valloc then reboots. can only run in single user | NFS server & client in FreeBSD  >


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