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COOL: FreeBSD for the masses!
Installing FreeBSD Posted by Jason on Saturday June 30, @11:25AM
from the dept.
I guess I may be behind the curve on this one because it went unnoticed on my BSD radar. I'm talking about PC-BSD!
PC-BSD, located at, is the first real BSD OS which has been derived directly from FreeBSD. What makes PC-BSD so cool, and ready for the masses, is the Installer which is a very clean GUI that auto detects all of your hardware.

If you're new here and you would like to checkout FreeBSD without wiping out or repartitioning your Windoze PC, then I suggest you download a 30 day eval of VMWARE's VM Workstaion and install PC-BSD inside a VMWARE virtual machine. I tried this on an old Dell Laptop with 512 megs of RAM and a 1Gig Centrino processor. It worked like a charm. PC-BSD found ALL of the VMW hardware correctly and it even runs at an okay speed- especially considering I only gave PC-BSD 192 megs of RAM inside VMW. It's a great chance to checkout two very cool products in one quick shot.

I'm going to look into VMW for FreeBSD since FreeBSD is my primary OS. That way I can experiment with other OS's inside the comfort of my preferred OS- FreeBSD... sweeeeet!


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    Re: COOL: FreeBSD for the masses!
    by don on Thursday July 05, @04:54PM
    >I'm going to look into VMW for FreeBSD since FreeBSD is my primary OS.

    I haven't tried it since I don't have any other systems I want to run in a virtual place but qemu may be another option for you. It is in ports.

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    • Re: COOL: FreeBSD for the masses!
      by m0ns00n on Friday July 13, @10:04AM
      PC BSD is cool, but it has outdated apps, and a very outdated KDE, plus almost no apps available with it's installer feature. So you're back to using ports and hoping everything goes fine.

      If it gets a bit more up to date packages and a bit larger software repository, it's really a killer solution - much better than what I've seen from Linux the last few years. They are right to move away from package managers for user apps. Only the system should be managed anyhow, apps should be legoblocks to be added and removed on the fly.
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