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i need help making a bootable disk
HELP WITH DEAD OS Posted by tomm on Wednesday May 28, @11:04AM
from the dept.
i need help making a bootable cd, i have downloaded "image burn" and have not yet used it, im waiting for a new .iso download that seems to be a better file "and because my puters screwed and i cant get the files i down loaded before"
previously i downloaded "7zip" and opened the .iso file with it, then i hilighted all the files within the .iso, and hit extract wich would not send the files directly to the cd drive so i put them in a folder i made on my hard drive then copy-pasted them to the cd drive and buned them to the disk.

obviously that was wrong, so is downloading the .iso and simply writing the disk with "image burn" going to do it, because i read another guys post about the same issue and it sounds a lot more complicated than a simple "click drag click" so if it is or if its not, please let me know so i can get my puter up and running again please

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