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Welcome to Chucktips!
Announcements Posted by Jason on Sunday March 18, @08:12PM
from the Hello, Hello, Hello dept.

Welcome to Chucktips - Newbie Friendly! A site dedicated to FreeBSD Newbies.

The idea behind this site was to combine my two favorite FreeBSD sites for gathering newbie-like information, and hopefully improve on them with some features of my own.

The two places on the web that I have found the most useful are the FreeBSD Diary and the News Group comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc.

The FreeBSD Diary is a searchable site that covers just about any topic you can imagine and is updated every few days. I like this site because it details the authors trials with the many features of FreeBSD and related applications.

The News Group comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc is great for posting help messages and is generally friendly to newbies- as long as you don't expect to get answers without first trying to find them yourself.

With Chucktips I am going to post FreeBSD TIPS and HOWTO's (somewhat like the FreeBSD Diary) and allow users to search for the answers. If you do not find the answer, you can post a question, just like you would at comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc. However, if you post here, you will have the option of being emailed when someone replies to your post. A very handy feature for a newbie eager to find the answer to a stumbling block.

I hope you enjoy my site, and more importantly find it useful.

I believe in the open source movement, but I also believe that it only works if everyone contributes (no matter how little). This is my small contribution.


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    Re: Welcome to Chucktips!
    by /nev/dull//craig on Thursday March 13, @06:39PM
    Great site! I'm so glad i found this site , i wish it'd been a year ago that i did though. FreeBSD is awesome,although a difficult os to begin into. FreeBSD diary has been a great help to me thus far and i'll refer to this page as well now that i'm aware of it. ...thanks for the help! Can't be a newbie forever. /nev/dull//c
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