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1 Get ready for 5.x STABLE, by Understudy on Saturday September 25, @10:53AM 2
2 FreeBSD-4.4-RELEASE is out by Jason on Friday September 14, @11:21AM 0
3 Grab the latest Netscape 7.0 Browser ! by Santhosh Joseph on Thursday September 12, @10:16PM 0
4 Spam Bloggers - screw off! by Jason on Friday June 30, @03:04PM 0
5 FreeBSD-4.6-RELEASE by Jason Neumann on Wednesday June 26, @04:12PM 0
6 Chucktips is back on-line! by Jason on Tuesday June 26, @08:32PM 2
7 Chucktips? You Mean slashDOT! by I-Nig on Saturday June 16, @10:31PM 1
8 FreeBSD 4.8 Released ! by Santhosh Joseph on Friday April 04, @10:15PM 0
9 4.3-RELEASE IS OUT! by Jason on Sunday April 22, @09:34AM 0
10 FreeNAS is a cool FreebSD based NAS solution! by Jason on Friday March 30, @12:22PM 3
11 PF on FreeBSD !!! by Santhosh Joseph on Tuesday March 25, @09:12PM 2
12 FreeBSD 4.8 Stable is released by Understudy on Tuesday March 18, @08:26PM 2
13 Welcome to Chucktips! by Jason on Sunday March 18, @08:12PM 1
14 WINE shift to LGPL by joseph on Thursday March 14, @12:40AM 0
15 New Dutch BSD Portal ( by sPiNe on Tuesday March 12, @03:21AM 0
16 The Geekvenue get's an upgrade! by Jason on Wednesday November 09, @10:33AM 0
17 5.3 STABLE is out. by Understudy on Monday November 08, @05:00AM 1
18 FreeBSD loads of announcments by Understudy on Sunday November 06, @02:34PM 1
19 The settlement on BSD is now public record. by Understudy on Sunday November 28, @09:37PM 0
20 Windriver is cutting loose FreeBSD by Jason on Friday October 05, @11:28PM 2
21 FreeBSD 4.7 is out ! by Santhosh Joseph on Thursday October 10, @05:04AM 3
22 FreeBSD-4.5-RELEASE is out! by Jason on Monday January 28, @12:22PM 1
23 FreeBSD 4.11 is released by Understudy on Wednesday January 26, @09:43PM 0
24 FreeBSD-5.0-RELEASE is out. by Jason on Sunday January 19, @04:40PM 0
25 FreeBSD is coming home by Jason on Wednesday January 16, @05:35PM 0

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