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1 KDM Login Problem by Vera on Saturday September 03, @02:09PM 0
2 Need KDE3 as default (startx) by Lance Stuetze on Tuesday July 16, @11:45AM 3
3 KControl dont display all my hardware information by peter moreno on Friday June 28, @02:23AM 1
4 Timeout in locking authority file .Xauthority by Johnny on Wednesday March 06, @08:14AM 22
5 KDE limited in 4.5 iso by Jason on Wednesday February 27, @12:27PM 1
6 "Can't get own hostname. Your System is severely misconfigured." by Understudy on Thursday February 19, @03:01PM 0
7 GUI login with kdm by Jason on Saturday December 08, @11:14AM 8
8 export DISPLAY of entire desktop by Steve Schofield on Sunday December 22, @07:43PM 5
9 KDE 2.2.2 by Santhosh Joseph on Friday December 14, @09:21PM 2
10 ASUS P4P800 Deluxe Sound In FreeBSD/KDE by Alan Tam on Sunday November 23, @12:33PM 4
11 HOWTO : Setup KPPP to Dialup as Normal User by Santhosh Joseph on Wednesday November 21, @09:02PM 18
12 How to get KDE running on FreeBSD by Mike Mirich on Saturday November 19, @01:09PM 1
13 KDE 3.3 hangs during "Initializing Peripherals" by Mark Tremonti on Friday October 07, @07:20AM 0

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