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1 HOWTO : Access graphical applications on Linux Box from FreeBSD by Santhosh Joseph on Monday June 17, @02:45AM 3
2 could not lock .Xauthority by Omry Tuval on Tuesday May 06, @02:04PM 0
3 HOWTO: Setup a GUI login with XDM by Jason on Wednesday May 30, @11:28PM 0
4 i810 problem by Visham Jowata on Monday May 27, @05:48AM 3
5 X hates me by Understudy on Tuesday May 14, @08:09PM 1
6 Configure X for USB mouse by Lance Stuetzle on Tuesday April 09, @04:31PM 2
7 Need XFree 4 by Lance S on Sunday April 28, @09:29PM 1
8 HOW-TO: Install Nvidia Drivers in X by Freedevil on Saturday April 26, @12:34AM 2
9 how to develop a destop environment? by santosh on Sunday November 30, @11:26PM 0
10 S3 Savage 2000 by David Ontiveros on Thursday November 27, @01:45AM 2
11 Mouse doesn't work in X?? by Dom on Tuesday November 27, @07:29PM 7
12 X Server Desktop Configuration, Please Help! by Alan Tam on Saturday November 22, @01:51AM 4
13 Help me out to desaktivate and/or block this firewall that's driving me krazy!! by Vanessa Montoya on Tuesday October 31, @02:19AM 1

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