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6 gift ideas in this category:

Garden Gnomes, Statues and Garden Decor

Too Much Fun Wall Plaque
[ See Details ]

Too Much Fun Wall Plaque

Laugh, enjoy, and make the most of every season. The details on this garden sculpture are based on antique originals. Adding a huge grin and funny face to any space, he's a wonderful housewarming or hostess gift. Beautifully crafted in cast concrete, it will survive outdoors through any season. Made in USA. 8-1/4Hx6Wx2-1/2D".

Garden Statues available on eBay:

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Garden Gnomes available on eBay:

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Woodstock Percussion WGBLG2 Woodstock Garden Bell
[ See Details ]

Woodstock Percussion WGBLG2 Woodstock Garden Bell

Who says chimes have to dangle in the wind? This intriguing musical sculpture turns that notion upside down with its bouquet of 9 brass bells that produce a beautiful, calming sound as a breeze gently bumps them into each other. As lovely to look at as to hear, the percussion-chime bells are rooted in a garden-stone base made of durable, weather-resistant resin. Imported. 24Hx10Wx13L".

Butterfly Garden Stake
[ See Details ]

Butterfly Garden Stake

As colorful as a child?s imagination, this fairy-tale butterfly sparkles in the sunlight of a summer afternoon. Add this artistic garden spike to any spot that needs a splash of fun! Metal and glass. 4" x 3 3/4" x 21" high.

Lovers Frog on Swinging Bench
[ See Details ]

Frog Lovers on Swinging Bench

Features glass rain gauges on either side of the bench, measures 17 1/2"x8 3/4"x19 3/4" high.

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